From concept development up to commercialization.

Maximum project size: US$3 billion.

Partnership: We build long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our customers, partners, investors, donors, governments, and communities.

This  year our partners have closed over 400 deals amounting more than $16.8 billions.

Our Agenda for investing in 2024 will be mostly towards

- Commercial and Industrial real estate development (malls, supermarkets and boutique hotels),
- Semiconductor manufacturing,
- Electrolyzer manufacturing,
- Green energy,
- Food and allied.


Early-stage venture and co-project finance in the following industries:

Utility-scale Solar, PV and Wind Power Rural Microgrids/Village Electrification Small Hydroelectric, Tidal Power, Municipal Water Waste-to-Value, Waste-to-Energy, Climate-Friendly Agriculture, Agroforestry & Food Health, Healthy Lifestyles, Dietary Supplements, Botanicals Energy Efficiency, Green Buildings, LED Lighting Retrofits, Green Ammonia and Hydrogen, / Energy Storage.

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