The company decides to raise PV project finance, for its first two projects through Crowdfunding. OneSun.Africa platform.


Dr. Mpofu of TSWINA partners with UKSOL for Exclusive distribution in South Africa.


TSWINA has acquired 110 hectares for a 75MW solar farm in the North West Province.

OneSun.Africa : Project Porfolio

The renewable energy portfolio is for projects that need crowdfunding according to the order listed below.  Help our company establish itself as major players in the Renewable Energy Sector and help us contribute to save our planet and its inhabitants. 

The Spar and Amamp offices PV Energy systems is both rooftop and carport.  Both projects were sealed in the same day.  They are our first double, double pv projects.  The campaign covers both projects Total Costs.  

1. Fairlands Spar : Solar Rooftop and Carport System : USD 480k ( CrowdOpen).

Coordinates. Spar Fairland, Smit Street, Fairland, Johannesburg, South Africa

2. Amamp Offices Welkom: Solar Rooftop and Carport System USD 620k  (Crowd Open)

Coordinates. 9 Elizabeth Street, Welkom Central, Welkom, South Africa

3. Spar Rustenburg: 400kWp Solar Rooftop  (Next)

4. M.G Pasta 75kWp : Rooftop (Next)

5. 3 x 7 MW Mall projects (Next)

6. 75 MW  in the North West: Solar farm (Next)

After Successfully executing all of the above projects the company will be able to start a solar manufacturing factory creating job opportunities and employment of over 1500 employees.