TSWINA becomes BALTECH GhmH Exclusive Distributor.

Tswina has the technolgy for BioGas Energy production plant at the best rates.


Renewable Solar Energy. Tswina has acquired 110 hectares of land for its Solar Energy Farm development in the Rustenburg area to produce about 75 MW in its long term investment project to service the surrounding local heavy industries on electricity and mining operation businesses. 


We have the best technology for value of money on the following condition monitoring solutions:


@  Vibration Analysis,

@  Oil and Lubricant Analysis, (Accurate results on-site in 2min)

@  Laser Alighnment and Balancing

@. Infrared Thermography

@  Temperature Control

@  Checking of rolling element bearings, Mounting and Dismounting

@  Geometry measurements

@  Tool Kit

@  Software

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PRODUCTS for  the following industries:

Mines, Cement, Construction, Aerospace, Refineries, Marine, Automobile, Process, Manufacturing, Power, Railways, Water and Sanitations, Road Construction, Paper and Agriculture.

We are a company on a move, we make the difference, we are entrepreneurs and innovators at heart. What comes first to us is the Efficiency and Safety of our customers.

Superior quality products: