TSWINA becomes BALTECH GhmH Exclusive Distributor.

Tswina has the technology for BioGas Energy production plant at the best rates.


Renewable Solar Energy. Tswina has acquired 110 hectares of land for its Solar Energy Farm development in the Rustenburg area to produce about 75MW in its long term investment project to service the surrounding local heavy industries on electricity and mining operation businesses. 

Learning more about us.

At Tswina Solutions our DNA is defined by  Quality and association with Excellent Engineering.  Our second nature is premium Training,  Service and Maintenance.

Who we are

Tswina Solutions is  a leading distributor of high quality condition monitoring products in Southern Africa. Our customers are treated like royalty, we are completely dedicated at serving the best quality, service and ever improving turn around time.

The power rests with our products and the technical staff that is competent and posses exceptional experience and superior product knowledge and solutions.

Product Presence

We are present Nationally, every Province and at every strategic economic active towns of our country.  Each presence is with a very capable, dedicated and competent technical savvy team.

Response time is 1hr for emergencies and respond timeously to any other businesses situation.


Our training currently is done in Germany.  The local based training is in the process of being put together for the relevant local training authorities SETA. This will be a continuation of adding value, product optimisation and efficiency to our customers.

We are a level 1 BEE company.